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Vabacci is ladies fashion brand that is on the market since 2001.


Our brand combines glamor and style with a feel for modern style. Thanks to creative development, convenient pricing and quality standards, our brand is popular with women who love timeless fashion . All products are always as complete seasonal collections created by our designers according to the latest fashion trends with it our unmistakable signature marks.


Materials are exclusively from EU countries, which guarantees excellent quality and wholesomeness. The products are characterized by high quality workmanship.

The philosophy behind our brand is to use the European tradition of high quality, whether labor or materials, and not producing products made in Asia.

The main domain of our brand are ladies luxury tops created in a variety of colors and styles . Tops, skirts, dresses and pants are made from premium materials,well- fitting cuts, with an unusually large selection of colors.

To achieve the greatest satisfaction of our customers, our women's collection is complemented by jewelry and handbags. Our service is completed with staff of professionally trained make-up artists and stylists.

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